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TCM Price List



Acupuncture Consultation 20m

-Includes consultation only, without acupuncture at that time


TCM Assessment w/InBody Consultation

-Includes TCM consultation and Body composition analysis


Acupuncture Initial Visit

-Includes completion of patient forms acupuncture


Acupuncture Treatment 60min

-Includes acupuncture for back, neck & shoulders, abdomen

prior to Electro-Acu or Front&Back points or Deeper Needle tech. 


Acupuncture 70min for ICBC cases (Direct Payments)

-Includes acupuncture for MVA patients with physical exams, reports


Acupuncture Treatment 90min I

-Includes acupuncture for digestive disorders, metabolic disorder,

stomach pain with Body composition analysis


Acupuncture Treatment 90min II

-Includes acupuncture for front and back torso


*Loyalty Membership is available NOW - Included Acu60m 10 sessions and its 20% discounted fee lasts for a Year

Acupuncture PMS

-2 sessions 1 week before cycle        


Acupuncture Add-Ons


- dry                           



- blood letting                                          


Chinese medicine


$11~ $13/day


$90/10~11 days

Herbal extract

$400 ~ $450

Facial Rejuvenation

$120(incl. herbal mask)   

RF 20m(High Frequency)

$40 (optional)

 5ds Herbal medicine mask


*Facial Rejuvenation Packages are available.

*MSP, WCB, Extended Insurance are accepted.

* Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice of cancellation is required or the full fee will be charged.

Exceptions may be made for unforeseen circumstances at the therapist's discretion. 

 -MSP coverage

B.C. residents with a combined family income of $42,000 or less will be reimbursed $23 per visit for a maximum combined 10 visits of supplementary benefits. Patients are only covered for visits with practitioners registered by the CTCMA* and treatment must be for a diagnosed condition.

*CTCMA: College of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist of British Columbia