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Math-Diet(Detox Healing Diet)

 In contemporary society, we are exposed to polluted environments and chemicals in our food ingredients. Our body naturally toxins and other bodily wastes accumulated in our body, however, when they are not detoxified and remain in our body system, they will start to decompose. When this decomposition begins, toxins will build up heavily and will result in harming health.

When toxin build-up becomes severe, symptoms appear. Skin trouble due to constipation, abdominal obesity, tense shoulders, tired eyes, and many others are some possible symptoms that appear to women.

Hence, the paradigm to approach this illness was needed in modern medicine, which is why detoxification (detox) became such a popular topic. Many methods of detox that are not approved clinically rather cause side effects. PACC developed a detox program that would not cause side effects using traditional natural treatment with special Chinese medicine.


- Lose 10% of body weight in 4 weeks- It is designed to recalibrate the body's internal a specially personalized program. It is made to help you to healthier and a more balanced body condition.


- Acupuncture treatment and Herbal medicine


- Gradually reduce the amount of food intake up more 50%


- Support the function of the Liver, the Small Intestine, and the bowel to promote proper digestion of toxins and wastes.


- Normal reactions -increased bowel activity and urination nausea condition may initially get worse before it gets better.


-Please avoid consuming foods that are not listed in the given information.


- Dramatic changes can be seen as eliminating the accumulated body wastes.


- 2 weeks of Math Diet Program Package (consists of 5 session Acupuncture treatment)


-PACC is covered by extended insurance benefits.

2 weeks Detox Healing Diet Program


_________________ _______________ _______________

Preparation Phase        Detox Phase        Recovery Phase

Preparation Phase

Consuming four days, the preparation phase is to analyze your body composition and determine the right Detox Diet for your match in order to achieve your goal. This will be done through.

-Personal consultation

-Body composition analysis

-Designing a food list

-Acupuncture to increase metabolism,

energy flow, and blood circulation

-100% herbal medicine with no chemicals and side effects

Detox Phase

During the Detox Phase for six days, the patient is expected to consume only herbal medicine that will flush out the toxins and cleanse the organs.

-All nutrients provided in the 100% herbal medicine,

chosen at the highest quality


-Abdominal acupuncture and body composition


Recovery Phase

The Recovery Phase takes up to four days meant to help the body return to your original diet.

-At this stage, light meals in part of the food



-Herbal medicine, abdominal acupuncture, and body composition analysis will continue to carry out to examine the process and result of the program.

※ The following people should not try the Detox Healing Diet Pregnant or nursing women, children under 14, people with anemia, eating disorders, severe diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney disease, cancer, chronic illness, genetic diseases, AIDS, or epilepsy.

PACC Herbal Juice


Pinetree Acupuncture’s fermented herbal juice is composed of 27 varieties of organically grown vegetables, fruits, and traditional herbs. These organically grown herbs had been matured for 3 years in traditional kiln-baked porcelain. This herbal juice is fermented in a clay-baked pot. This clay-baked pot matures the organic herbal juice and ferments the component as well as adding of enzymes and pro-biotic florae. This adding of enzymes and pro-biotic florae and its cleansing effect. The whole process of fermentation of the traditional herb is easier to understand if one imagines of pro-biotic which is consumed through fermented food. It is similar in that with appropriate maturation, it can maximize the potential and benevolent qualities of herbal juice.



[PACC – Detox]

Hu(Fructus Rubi),(Rhizoma ), Angelica (Radix Angelicae ), Blume. (Rhizoma Gastrodiae Elatae), Mill(Fructus Lycii), Trichosantheskirilowii, Maxim(Radix Trichosanthis), Cervus elaphus Linnaeus(deer antler glue), Cynanchum Hemsl. (RadixPolygoni Multiflori), Juncus effusus Linn. var. Buchen., Carthamus tinctorius L.(Flos Carthami Tinctorii), Rubus Hu(Fructus Rubi), Astragalus henryiOliv.(Radix ), Cornus Sieb. et Zucc.(Fructus ), Eucommiaulmoide Oliv. (Cortex Eucommiae Ulmoidis), Morus alba L.(FoliumMori ), Ephedra sinica Stapf( ), Dioscorea Thunb. (Radix Dioscoreae Oppositae), Caesalpinia sappan L.(Lignum Sappan), Polygonatumodoratum, Rehmannia Libosch(Radix Rehmanniae), Achyranthes Bl. (Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae), Dimocarpus longans Lour. (ArillusEuphoriae Longanae), Epimediumgrandiflorum Morr(Herba Epimedii), Coix -, Linn. (Semen ), Citrus reticulata Blanco(Pericarpium Citri Reticulate), Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. (Radix Ligustici Chuanxiong), (Rhizomazingiberis ), (Radix Puerariae).   

TKM Herbal Medicine


TKM herbal medicine is an automated plant from South Korea. In Pinetree Acupuncture Clinic, we use herbal medication which has been strictly examined through KFDA to see if it contains any heavy metal and pesticide. This standard level testing is stricter than the FDA. The medication is delivered in a fully sealed package manner and this is then delivered to our patients in the way it has been delivered to us from South Korea. A strictly supervised production process guarantees our medicine’s quality and efficacy.

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