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-Opt. 1-a Acupuncture Herbal mask

-Opt. 1-b Acupuncture Herbal Skin Treatment

-Opt. 2 Chinese Medicine  

Acne treatment

It is broken down 2 methods with listed components

1-A) Acupuncture

Radio Frequency /Acne Herbal mask (30 min)+ Acupuncture


Helps with the energy flow

Enhances blood circulation

Strengthened immune system

Herbal mask:

100% herbal mask, good for acne treatment

*herbal mask may result in redness and itchiness after but it is a natural reaction and will go away shortly

Radio Frequency(RF):

Helps with blood circulation as well as purification of blood

Accelerates waste product excretion through lymph

Produces collagen and elastin which prevents skin-aging

1-B) Skin Treatment:

with Acne Herbal mask+ Acupuncture

Diamond peeling (exfoliate)- massaging lymph

Ultrasound: sterilization, soothing, moisturizing cream, massaging lymph

Handling with tea tree oil-good with acne, sterilizing infection

Acne extraction

2. Chinese Medicine

usually 2 weeks, personal prescribed

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