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I highly recommend to you Jun Kim. I am suffering from multiple myeloma cancer. I have been through radical chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. For the past several years, Jun Kim has been treating me with acupuncture. Under his treatment I have gained energy and felt steadily stronger. As well, my pain has been greatly reduced. Recently, I also suffered a mild stroke, and movement in my left arm was somewhat restricted. After only one treatment by Jun Kim I gained a great deal of movement in my arm. I look forward to full recovery under Jun Kim's care.

-Maureen Taylor, Vancouver

This was my first ever experience with acupuncture and TCM. It was a wonderfully different experience compared to previous visits to a Western GP, my practitioner took time listening to my concerns/ things I had tried before and really getting to know as much as he could. He explained everything, what the aims of treatment were, what he has doing and the reasons behind it and set out a clear plan for the next couple of sessions. I felt truly looked after, I am so happy I gave it a go, looking forward to my next appointment.

-Jennifer Pincock, North Vancouver

What a wonderful place to come and receive treatment! The practitioners here are kind, caring, and friendly. They really care about their patients. Derek has treated me with a combination of acupuncture and tui na and he is amazing! Do yourself a favor and come here for a treatment, you won’t be disappointed!

-Lisa Stewart, North Vancouver

I have been going to see Tara now for over a year, I have tried a few of her services now such as reflexology, aromatherapy massage and reiki, all of which have been amazing experiences. I have been to a lot of massage therapist’s in the past and have never once fallen asleep until I had an aroma massage with Tara. I feel a sense of true comfort and relaxation and the ability to let go with Tara, I like to refer to her as having “magic hands”. Whenever I go to an appointment she takes the time to ask how I am feeling what I am up for in terms of pressure during the massage / reflexology. I never feel rushed or hurried after the appointment is over. I am looking forward to all of my future appointments with Tara!

-Lily Talic, Burnaby

My name is Michael Lee who suffered a stroke on my left side last summer and was discharged from the hospital after 3 and half months. As some of my friends strongly recommended Tara's treatment, I started from October, 2010 continuing to present day with once a week schedule. When I started, my left shoulder & arm were almost fixed as it was so difficult to move. Also I had a hard time with the severe pain on my neck. As Tara treated my problem area with her professional service, especially Tara listen to my story very carefully and also analyze it correctly with her warm character. It was always my joy & encouragement to have her treatment. Gradually there was a change made in my condition and I have even more trust in her service. Nowadays I'm able to move my left shoulder & left arm more freely and also my neck pain is almost gone. It has made me more positive & motivated. Without any hesitation I strongly recommend Tara with a great pleasure!

-Michael Lee, Northshore​

I have been visiting Tara for over a year now. I sit in front of a computer all day and do suffer from recurring back, shoulders and neck pains which would leads to having severe headaches. She usually removed the problem in one or two visits. Tara is a really hard worker and really knows her job. I fully recommend her.

-John, Vancouver​

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck which my g.p. told me there was not much I could do about except to take Tylenol or Advil which really gave me no lasting relief. I started seeing Jun Kim for acupuncture and after only a few visits I was having considerable relief and after a few more visits had complete relief resulting in a complete range of motion when turning my head. That was over 2 years ago and I have not been back for treatment since as the pain and immobility has not returned. Should it do so, however, I will eagerly return to Jun Kim with much gratitude for his great skill and absolute professionalism.

-Lynne Knights

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