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Associates Biographies

It would be our pleasure to refer you to one of our experienced associates!

Chasidy Karpiuk: MA, CCC, RCC

Chasidy Karpiuk, MA, RCC, CCC, CAP is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who has been working with mental health issues since 2003. She has a private practice with her Associates in North Vancouver counseling adults and youth. Chasidy has been working with issues addictions, relationships, goal setting, anxiety, and stress reduction and also enjoys facilitating groups. She has also been actively involved in the BC Chapter of the Canadian Counseling Association since 2003. Please visit her website at www.chasidykarpiuk.comfor more information.   

Pauline Goh: MA,RCC, CCC Kevin Parker: MA, RCC, CCC

Tara Lynn Krueger: Holistic Practitioner 

Tara Lynn Krueger completed the Holistic Practitioner program at the British Columbia Institute of Holistic Studies in 2005. She is certified in many modalities, including, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, and Reiki. As a Holistic Practitioner, Tara uses the therapies mentioned above to treat the whole person by not only treating the symptoms of a condition but also the underlying causes. In order to achieve this, the body, mind, and emotions must be in balance. Since graduating Tara has become a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and has offered these therapies, as well as a line of handmade natural bath and body products from her home-based business.

Zachary Collins: Bsc.PT, CHC, CHFS

Zachary Collins attended Simon Fraser University where he studied psychology and kinesiology, earning a Health and Fitness Studies. From there, he attended Queen’s University and the University of Alberta, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. He began his Physiotherapy career in sports medicine, working in private practice in Edmonton, Alberta. From there, he became interested in working with older and practiced Physical Therapy on the highly specialized Regional Geriatric Teams in Edmonton and Toronto. In the geriatric setting, Zachary belonged to the Falls and Mobility interest group, became skilled and qualified in assessing cognition, and wrote and researched about correcting gait disturbances in the elderly. Zachary 

has instructed Gait labs and taught Gait to the University of Toronto Medical Students. He owned and operated a successful private business in Ontario for 5 years which aimed to improve the independence and quality of life of the frail elderly. In 2003, Zachary suffered a setback to his health, when he developed post-viral fatigue. This intense chronic fatigue, which lasted for years, left him bedridden and reliant on others. Zachary learned what it was like to experience disability, how to cope with it, and how to improve the quality of life from within chronic illness. Ashe healed, he came to understand the enormous value of health care professionals who could empathetically guide people with chronic illnesses towards achieving realistic goals. Zachary earned a certification in Health Coaching and became a member of the National Society of Health Coaches. Today, Zachary directs his practice towards anyone seeking more energy or health in their lives. He combines gentle guidance with therapeutic exercise prescription to improve the independence and quality of life in those with chronic illness and fatigue.

Maureen Murray-Kitson: RMT, a Registered Massage Therapist

Maureen graduated from Darcy Lane Massage Therapy school in 1992 and has been passionate about massage therapy and its benefits ever since. She combines her skills of soft tissue work -both deep and light- to restore balance to muscle and connective tissue; gentle joint mobilization to help restore alignment; manual lymph drainage to calm the nervous system and reduce swelling and pain and core based rehab Pilates to support healing and posture. Her goal is to help you work toward restoring balance to the body, calming the mind, reducing pain and improving function and posture.

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