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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I have MSP Premium Assistance coverage, does that apply to your treatments?

A. Unfortunately no. MSP covers Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) treatments. An RMT has gone through an intensive 3000hr program and is able to treat specific health conditions and injuries. This will also be the case for ICBC and most medical benefits through ones work.

Q. Why do I need to arrive 10-15 minutes before my appointment?

A. Every new client needs to fill out an intake and consent form. Arriving a bit early insures that you receive the full amount of time for your treatment whether a new or regular client.

Q. What if I am late for my treatment?

A. If you are late for your appointment, your treatment time will be shortened or in some cases cancelled.

Q. What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

A. It is asked that 24hrs notice be given when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. 

Q. I am pregnant, should I avoid your treatments?

A. While there are certain contra-indications for pregnancy, many can still enjoy the benefits of regular treatments. It is recommended to avoid treatments during the first trimester. Certain essential oils will be avoided, as will very deep pressure and reflex points on the feet.

Q. Do I need to remove my clothes for the treatment?

A. Depending on the treatment. Massage requires the removal of clothing, but underwear can be left on if that is more comfortable, and the client will be covered except the area of massage. The Reflexology treatment only requires the removal of shoes and socks. 

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. Debit, credit card and cash are all accepted at the clinic.

Q. What is your gratuity policy, and how much is expected?

A. Gratuities are not included in the treatment prices and are left at the client's discretion. It is customary to leave a 15-20% tip, or what is deemed appropriate.

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