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Acupuncture is a form of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to Chinese medical theory the vital energy circulates throughout the body. Any disturbance in the circulation of energy causes disease. In acupuncture specific points on body surface, called acupoints, are needled. Needling these points adjusts the circulation of energy and helps the body heal itself.

Hypnotherapy is kind of therapy that puts clients in a trance state , which is an altered, yet natural state of consciousness, and uses the phenomena happening in trance to make therapeutic changes in the client mind and body.

Both of these modalities look at mind and body not as separate entities but as one unity. Both acupuncture and hypnotherapy believe that bodily and mental phenomena have deep reciprocal effects. Changes in one can affect the other. There are many diseases with both somatic and mental aspects and there are many diseases that need both body and mental interventions to get the best results of therapy.

While acupuncture manipulates the bodily side of the problem and hypnosis usually works on mental/ emotional side of the problem, the combination of the two, which may be called HYPNOPUNCTURE, is quite promising in dealing with problems with body/mind aspects.

This combination is very new and gives the opportunity to work on the body and mind simultaneously. It is the combination ancient eastern wisdom and modern western scientific method.


A session is composed of Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy with 1hour complimentary Hypnotherapy-assessment(initial visit).

Price : $100 /session

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